New Dawn

Osibisa unveil their first new material since 2009, with their highly anticipated new album, ‘New Dawn’, released on 23 April 2021.  The album comes at the most poignant time in Osibisa’s history, marking exactly 45 years since their debut UK chart hit with ‘Sunshine Day’ in 1976.  It’s also half a century since these icons of global music, became the first ever black band to break The Marquee Club, at that historic live gig in June 1971.  50 years on, and they’re now the first signing to the new Marquee Record label - history in the making!  It’s a New Dawn.

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Dive into a New Dawn

Reformed, revamped and reinvigorated, Osibisa of 2021, takes flight from their pioneering Afro-rock ties of old, leaping into multi-genres of rock, reggae, jazz, calypso, pop and soul; whilst weaving their signature African vibes into every melodic fibre.  Big-band instrumentation, fused with the utter joy that naturally gushes from the culminative work of multiple band members, Osibisa, exude elation from every beat of their music – you can ‘t help but join in the pleasure party.

Teddy Osei states: “45 years since our first UK chart hit with ’Sunshine Day', and it’s a privilege to see the Osibisa vibe still going strong today.  The band has always been a fluid collective of passionate musicians, which injects an ever-evolving freshness to our sound.  But for this new album, original member Robert Bailey, and Osibisa Veteran, Gregg Kofi Brown, are back on board; along with some dynamic new faces and our first ever female members.  ’New Dawn’ is a diverse, dynamic collection of tracks, all underpinned by the original Osibisa afrobeat vibe that I brought to the UK over half a century ago.  I couldn’t be prouder to present this latest evolution of Osibisa.”

With a collection of x14 original new songs, ‘New Dawn’ is undoubtedly the strongest, most vibrant Osibisa sound to date, as it delivers a richer, more eclectic diversity of music than we’ve ever heard before from these icons. Harking back to a retro 80s rock vibe we have the gritty ‘Adjuwa Aye’, catapulting us into sheer happiness there’s, ‘Yo Luv Is Betta’, the joyous ‘Boni Wo Yu A,’ and the James Brown-esque ‘Lift Your Head Up’.  The Osibisa journey also takes us on a dreamy melodic road with a jazz-led, Jessica Rabbit style slice of seduction from the deep rich vocals of Faye Brown on ‘Dark Matter’, the gentle soulful ballad of ‘Yen Kita’ and the endearing smoothness of ‘Wake Up’.  Whatever vibe you’re looking for, you’ll find it on this new album, it’s a musical ride that you’ll want to travel time and time again.

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