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September 18, 2015


Singles As, Bs & 12 Inches

CD 1

1. Happy Children (Promo Single Version)
2. The Coffee Song
3. Sakabo
4. Fire (Single Version)
5. Music For a Gong Gong
6. Sunshine Day
7. Who’s Got The Paper
8. Oreba (Magic People)
9. Moving On
10. Survival (Short Version)
11. Uhuru
12. Getting Hot
13 Wooly Bully
14. The Lions Walk
15. Woyaya
16. Wango Wango (Makin’ Everybody Happy) (Single Version)
17. Think About The People
18. Y Sharp
19. Beautiful 7 (Magnifico 7)
20. The Dawn
21. Black Ant (Mono version)

CD 2

1. Living, Loving Feeling
2. Move Your Body
3. Adwoa
4. Celebration
5. Super Fly Man
6. Kotoko (Mono version)
7. Move On
8. La Ila I La La
9. The Warrior
10. Dance The Body Music
11. Right Now
12. Pata Pata
13. Ana Bo
14. Sunset
15. Bum To Bum
16. Lolita (Promo Single Version)
17. Jumbo
18. Ayiko Bia
19. Oye Mama
20. Rokoto

CD 3

1. Keep On Trying
2. Sunshine Day (1982 version)
3. Getting Hot (Bush-fire-mix)
4. Prophets
5. Fire (Edited Version - Mono)
6. Welcome Home
7. Survival (Single version)
8. The Warrior (Different take)
9. Malaika
10. Raghupati Raghava Rajaram (The Joy Of Om)
11. Voices Of India
12. Feels Good (Radio Mix)
13. Feels Good (Original)
14. Celebration (12 Inch version)
15. Meeting Point (12 Inch mix)

CD 4

1. Sunshine Day (82’ Version)
2. Pata Pata (12 Inch version)
3. Move Your Body (Power Mix)
4. Wooly Bully (12 Inch version)
5. The Lions Walk (12 Inch Version)
6. Getting Hot (Maxi Mix)
7. Feels Good (The Kent Height Clubb’d Up Mix)
8. Celebration (12 Inch version) (different take)
9. Moving On (12 Inch version)
10. Getting Hot (Crazy Vocal Mix)
11. Getting Hot (Crazy Instrumental Mix)
12. Feels Good (Original Instrumental)
13. Getting Hot (Instrumental) (Single version)

The most definitive collection of Osibisa’s singles releases, with several hard-to-find A & B-sides, 12 Inch extended, remixes and Promo-only singles, now all together for the first time on this newly remastered 4CD set.

Booklets feature detailed release data and authoritative liner notes by Gerry Ranson of R2 magazine, featuring new quotes from Teddy Osei, founder and leader of Osibisa. And, for the first time since their MCA Records debut, Roger Dean has created a new cover artwork specifically for this release.

"Several years before world music became a recognised genre, one band had already taken diverse ethnic sounds, circled the globe with them and brought them to the upper reaches of the charts. Osibisa drew its influences from West Africa and the Caribbean roots, tossed them into melting pot along with jazz, soul, funk and rock and cooked up something enticing, exciting and original, its vibrant and colourful live shows making them into a global world music institution over more than forty years. As the band themselves explain the meaning of their name, “Osibisa: criss-cross rhythms that explode with happiness.” For a marketing slogan, that sure takes some beating!"

Gerry Ranson August 2015