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Nii Tagoe

Nii Tagoe was born in Accra, Ghana, into a royal family made up of master drummers and dancers, from whom he inherited his talent for drumming, dancing and singing.

He came to Britain in 1990 as a principal dancer, drummer and teacher in the Adzido Dance Company and has since choreographed many dances, including Peter Gabriel’s floor show at the London Millennium Dome.
After leaving Adzido, Nii went on to self-fund the start of his own drumming and dance company Frititi in 1993, which was created to explore, develop and pass on to future generations, traditional artistic expressions using music, dance, poetry and ritual.

Frititi’s challenge is to project a more positive image of Africa and to help dispel the myths and negative stereotypes of the African continent and its people. It also aims to develop a sense of self-awareness within the individual and a global awareness of Africa and its rich culture.
Frititi implements its mission through workshops, performances, youth programs, promotion of new artists, production work, lecture demonstrations, community outreach and creative partnership programs with renowned artists and other performing companies.

As the Artistic Director of Frititi and principal percussionist of Baka Beyond, Nii brings to all his work a lifetime’s immersion in his deep knowledge of the diverse dance rhythmic traditions of Ghana. His experience ranges from 18 years of travel, learning and performing around the African continent (especially in Zulu Land and throughout Central, South and West Africa) to touring productions and workshops around Europe, Israel, America, Canada, The Middle East and Asia.

Nii tours and performs regularly as percussionist, singer and composer with world music chart toppers: Baka Beyond, African Headcharge, ADF Soundsystem, Osibisa and Lorraine Ayensu & Band amongst others and also runs his own band – The Nii Tagoe Afro Funk Band.

Having released his latest solo album in 2006, Nii hopes to inspire others with his music, and hopes to tour more of his work around the world so as to reach out to and share his passion with others.

He also believes in building a more cohesive representation of the rich cultures that exist within Africa by merging them together on various levels. Recent projects with the government in Brazzaville, Congo saw more than 200 local Congolese each time being auditioned and trained by Nii and his team over weeks to put together shows that showcased the dance and music cultures from across Africa for the Fespam Festival in 2005 as well as the African Youth Cup Championship in 2007.

In true pursuit of his passion for the African culture, Nii also continuously studies African music and dance as a foundation for his own work.

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