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Dell Richardson

“As a founder member of Osibisa it has been a previledge to be part of a Group as dynamic and musical ,” experiences,that we traveled THE WORLD, thats,forty years of musical history ,and ofcourse contributers to the British music industry, we are probably the only surviving Group from the 70’s that is “An African and Caribbean communication base.

I was born in Antigua,arrive in the U.K 11years old grew up in Tottenham, london, first pro; Band Sundae Times, then Osibisa, The Free, Digital interface band. Teddy Osei Sol Amafio Mack Tontoh, kept Osibisa going long after I left the band. However a chance meeting of Kofie Ayivor & Kiki Gyan in Kilburn back in 75 ,who were now the new members of Osibisa, led to my return to Osibisa,they had invited me to the “Roundhouse studio, Ojah Awake,it was Gerry Bron persuation that I should try and do some vocals,one of which was The Coffee song, that was quite a mouthful, which eventually led to the vocal of Sunshine day,which was the hit song for Osibisa,it is 1975 and Micheal Odumuso the bassist a man of character and vision,called me in High Wycombe to say that Micheal Aspel has just played SUNSHINE DAY,During Christmas of 75,could it be I wondered, but he always put a smile on my face, make us all laugh ,these were very happy times in Osibisa for me,then on new years eve he call to tell me that Kenny Everette played Sunshine day on Capitol Radio after midnight, that was 1976.

The transition of the African percussive band Osibisa is now in the heart of the british music scene,the POP music industry, and I am recording with Osibisa using my acoustic Martin on a song that I am to sing called Welcome Home not everyone was kool about the use of my acoustic instrument, but as it turned out it was quite apropriate for the song,it brought all the sultleties out from the vocal,then I became the lead vocalist/lead guitarist of Osibisa, the seal of acceptance,that song was written for me,and thousands of Ghanians expelled from Nigeria.

It is Osibisa that gave birth to the spirit of jazz and blues for me,and the “live” CD Black magic night captured some inspiraring moments. I look forward to the spirit of togetherness. As for the free this was a very exciting band of brave musicians,they had booked the Astoria theatre for auditions,and I got the message to get there,and I did ,they were friendly Paul ask what would you like to play Dell? I said maybe some blues,they gave me 400 watts of marshalls to play with,in no time everyone was convince I was the man,during the Jam I remembered that I litterary felt the force of the speakers blowing at the flaps of my pants,with Free you play in the fast lane with total control at full volume,then they ask that they would send a cab to my house to collect my passport, we would be leaving in a few days,first Gig was New Orleans my nightmare began learning the Free repertoire in two days, however it was going very well until they played a prank on me by removing the canopy cover from the Ice and got me to run on the Ice to the stage I fell and damage my axe, after that I moved on, to doing my first solo Album thanks to David Howells, Pieces of a Jig-saw.

After Black magic night the hunger set in once more,1977-life ever changing times, I went to Holland 82 and stayed a while 11 years playing with my computer generated music learning as I work playing cafe,s Universities,until the death of my Father, I return to Antigua which eventually led to making of Omowale’useing one of my bedroom as a studio,then I did the second CD, odello Super Groove,and finally I made my first Gospel CD All Hail,my band the Digital interface band gave me the opportunity to play up to 7 gatergories of music and pay my survival in the making of three cds above and a studio to record my music,and a reason to stay alive in the music business,the musician union says keep music live” indeed they are right,FOR ME IT IS A FULL CIRCLE FOR HERE i AM IN LONDON,LET THE MUSIC PLAY,