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The venture proved to be an immediate success, with the single ‘Music for Gong Gong’ a substantial hit in the 1970 (three other singles later made the British Top 10: ‘Sunshine Day;, ‘Dance the Body Music’ and ‘Coffee Song’). Osibisa’s debut album displayed nmusic whose rock references, especially in the guitar solos, combined with vibrant African cross rhythms. The band’s true power only fully came across on stage, when African village scenarios and a mastery of rhythm and melody summoned up energy and spirit.
Woyaya reached number 11 in the UK and Art Garfunkel later covered it’s title track.

During the late 70’s they spent much of their time on world tours, playing to particularly large audiences in Japan, India, Australia and Africa. They were joined at this time, by the Ghanaian percussionist Darko Adams ‘Potato’ (b. 1932, d. January 1995, Accro, Ghana).